Welcome, and thank you for joining thousands of scientists and veterinary professionals in deciding to train using the modern practices of “Positive Reinforcement”.

I’m glad to help you and your dog succeed in your shared goals of relationship and behavior.

I hope to help grow your relationship through communication and proper enrichment.

My services include; Private in-home training classes, Dog training treats, Smoked Bones, Custom made games and toys, dog sport groups and training.

To contact please visit http://www.Facebook.com/BangarangBowWows

or call 308.225.0630

We just opened out new training center! To set up a payment plan rather than paying for the full membership all at once, click the button below.

You have the option to have a session a week for 12 weeks, two sessions a week, or a single session with a socialization playdate once a week.

One a week : $80.00 USD – monthly
Two a week : $140.00 USD – monthly
One a week plus playdate : $100.00 USD – monthly

One a week : $80.00 USD – monthly
Two a week : $140.00 USD – monthly
One a week plus playdate : $100.00 USD – monthly


Would highly recommend Jeffrey for dog training!! He helped with our 7 month German Shepard. We have also used Jeffrey to check on our dogs while we where gone! Did an excellent job with occasional updates and a few pics!! Highly recommended!!! – Danielle Brown with her dog Kaiser
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My name is Jeffrey McClure. I have been training dogs since I got my first dog “Dodger Ray Roo” . I started learning and helping friends with their dogs.

I began looking into “clicker training” and positive reinforcement practices when I started working for the local humane society, as these dogs did not need any more hardship, callousness, and pain.

I have three dogs now and 8 pet rats that I use these practices with, and they couldn’t be happier.

I provide in home private training, day training, pet sitting, and enrichment services to get the optimum and quickest behavioral change, suited to you and your dogs needs.

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To set up a free consultation, please call 308.225.0630

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I have recently worked with Jeffrey at Bangarang Bow wows and I have noticed a huge difference in my dog and myself. The positive reinforcement techniques he uses and teaches is not only effective on my dog, but how I train my dog. It’s information that never crossed my mind when it came to dogs, but now that’s the first thing I think about and utilize with my dog and any dog I see or meet. He is great at his job and I highly recommend him and his business! – BreAnn Tower with her dog Baron